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The Lighthouse Program

Like a lighthouse, we are each asked to stand strong in the face of life’s storms. But like a lighthouse, we can all shine bright.

Beginning April 2021 our month-long virtual program, Sparking Joy, will help you find your light. Explore knowledge and gain practical tools that will allow you to become more engaged, and to rediscover meaning in your daily life.

Uncover the myths of happiness, discover what is truly important to you, and learn how to increase the gratitude you feel. Incorporate the habits and daily routines of happy people into your life.

What can I expect?

Join us virtually from the safety and comfort of your home where group leaders will draw on their clinical experience to offer an engaging, relaxed, and fun weekly class.

Classes are one hour in length and offered two times per week - you choose the time that fits best with your busy schedule.  Feel free to interact as much or as little as possible.  Even though we are apart, we are in this together!

Program Details

Start Date - April 4, 2021

When - Sundays at 11:30am OR Mondays at 8:30pm

Cost - $50 plus HST

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