The Lighthouse Program

Keeping Warm in the Storm - Beginning June 2021

Like a lighthouse, we are each asked to stand strong in the face of life’s storms. But like a lighthouse, we can all shine bright.

Beginning June 2021 our month-long virtual program, Keeping Warm in the Storm, will help you become more aware of your inner critic and learn to engage in self-compassion. It can come naturally to criticize ourselves for what we see as inadequacies or shortcomings. We are often much more compassionate with others than with ourselves.  


During this course, participants will explore when negative self-criticism arises for them and what it sounds like. Self-compassion is the practice of honouring and accepting one's humanness. It has been found to increase one's health and happiness. Join us in the process of learning to treat yourself with kindness because you are worthy and acceptable as you are.

What can I expect?

Join us virtually from the safety and comfort of your home. Group leaders will draw on their clinical experience to offer an engaging, relaxed, and fun weekly class.

Classes are one hour in length. Each week the class will be recorded and available if you cannot meet the scheduled time. You have the freedom to choose each week to join the scheduled class or review the recording in the coming days. Feel free to interact as much or as little as possible.  Even though we are apart, we are in this together!

Program Details

Start Date - June 8, 2021

Live Sessions - Tuesdays at 8pm NST (June 8, 15, 22, and 29)

(Recordings Available for Registrants)

Facilitators - Dr. Shannon Edison & Dr. Heather Sheppard

Cost - $50 plus HST

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