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The Lighthouse Program

Like a lighthouse, each of us are asked to stand strong in the face of life’s storms. But like a lighthouse, we can each shine bright.  

The Beacon Centre’s Lighthouse Program offers participants affordable, scientifically valid information and strategies to promote mental wellness.

Join us virtually from the safety and comfort of your home. Classes are one hour in length. Each week the class will be recorded and available if you cannot meet during the scheduled time. You have the freedom to choose each week to join the scheduled class or review the recording in the coming days.

Topics are meant to help participants tackle common issues (e.g., anxiety) and to strive to live their most meaningful life.  Participants can sign up for one workshop or join us for many.  Group leaders aim to curate the most important psychological findings relating to a topic and present it in an engaging, relaxed, and fun weekly class. Even though we are apart, we are in this together!

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